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Trool Park: create your new Dofus theme park!

Discover Trool Park, a new game where you have to manage an amusement park! From the age of 10, this board game by Ankama will delight you! Remember that the creators of the game are the developers of the online game Dofus, and the animated series Wakfu! Allow an average of 40 minutes to play a game with 2 to 4 players.

Welcome to the Trool Fair!

You want your park to be the most visited and appreciated of all? Then try to choose your attractions carefully with Trool Park! The player who has attracted the most visitors to his park after 8 rounds of play is the winner!
Your amusement park is divided into 3 main themes: Fun, Thrill and Delight!
Each game turn is divided into 3 phases.

Phase 1: choose an attraction!

First of all, you will have to choose the attraction you want to add to your park. To do this, each player chooses a letter and unveils them at the same time. If players choose the same attraction, it is the one who is first on the slide who gets it back!
When you pick up an attraction, you will also have to pay attention to the performance points you will pick up! Indeed, if you choose an attraction in the Fun theme, you will have to move your counter forward in the Fun part of the central board according to its instructions.

Phase 2: Make the rain and the sunshine!

In Trool Park the weather is determined every turn: Sun, rain or snow. Players must then check if their attractions are feasible depending on the weather. So if it is snowing and you have two snowy attractions in the Thrill part of the park, you can move your counter 2 squares forward in the Thrill part of the central plateau.
As you have understood, it will then be wise to mix the different types of soil of the attractions within the 3 main themes in order to progress quickly. Moreover, it will allow you to offer your visitors all types of attractions, whatever the weather conditions!

Phase 3: It’s time for the inspection!

From the third round of Trool Park, inspectors will come to evaluate your performance indicators according to the different themes on the central plateau. Each inspection is announced at the end of the round for the next round and one theme per round is evaluated. The player who is most advanced on the corresponding track receives the first reward shown on the Inspection card, the second player receives the second reward and so on. Rewards can bring you visitors, but also Kiosk cards and Theme cards. Kiosk cards are small attractions to put on your game board.

Trool Park: a hell of a ride!

Trool Park is a family board game that will amaze you! We’re happy to see the drawing styles we know from Ankama (of course!), very similar to those of the online game Dofus. From the game board to the attractions and cards, a real pleasure for old and new players alike to rediscover their beautiful graphics!

The rules are easy to understand and you get caught up in the game fast! Note that a French rule book is also added in the box in addition to the English one.

The box includes many game elements giving it a significant weight! One thing is for sure, in terms of game elements we were served! We particularly appreciated the first implementation of the game which is very fun! Indeed you will have to climb several elements like the slide, the wheel allowing you to choose your attractions. But you will also have to mount the inside of the box to store your items and especially not to lose anything!

Trool Park is a perfect board game to play with family or friends and have a great time!

Translated from, property of Chilican.

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